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Imagine a world where you couldn’t go outside
for more than 5 minutes without fear of a serious sunburn, where skin cancer
was a leading cause of death, and where crops withered and died under harmful radiation
from outer space. We don’t live in that world, but until the
1980s, we were on our way there, because, unbeknownst to us, substances we used every
day were destroying the layer of ozone gas in the upper atmosphere that protects earth
from the sun’s most damaging rays. What we did to avoid that terrible future
offers a roadmap for how we could potentially handle a different atmospheric problem: climate
change. [OPEN] Early in the 20th century, we invented chemicals
called chlorofluorocarbons – or CFCs – and they were nearly miraculous; non-toxic, non-flammable,
cheap, and really useful for purposes as varied as propelling hairspray and fire extinguishers,
and as the cooling agent in air conditioners and refrigerators. We started spraying CFCs on everything, and
putting them in everything. But in 1974 we realized that they were accumulating
in the stratosphere, turning into chlorine, and eating ozone for breakfast. And with less ozone, more ultraviolet rays
from the sun could pass down to earth and irradiate our skin. Because CFCs were a uniquely human invention,
the only thing we could do stop them from digesting the ozone layer, was to use less. And, in a shocking twist for humanity, we
did the right thing. After scientists connected CFCs to ozone depletion,
a big US company–SC Johnson–voluntarily removed CFCs from their aerosol products. This kindled public awareness, and after a
few years of messy debate and lobbying, the US Environmental Protection Agency banned
CFCs from all aerosols. The EPA ban created a market for CFC alternatives,
and US companies saw a new way to make money by cornering that market. Realizing they could sell the solutions to
the rest of the world, those companies politely asked the US government to lead the charge
on international action. By that time, we’d also identified a huge
hole in the ozone layer, and people everywhere were calling for an international agreement. That agreement was called the Montreal Protocol
[ ], and it was the first environmental treaty dealing with a global threat. A key thing it did was require industrialized
countries – the ones doing most of the polluting – to start phasing out CFCs immediately. It was also written to be very flexible, so
as the science evolved, we could add other chemicals to the ban, which we’re still
doing Finally, it required rich countries to give
cash to developing countries so they could more easily move away from CFCs. And it worked. Countries stopped making CFCs, and today,
around 30 years later, the ozone layer is stable, and the ozone hole is healing. This was a huge success. How’d we do it? By transitioning away from a useful substance
that we used everyday in our homes and our jobs. Huh, that sounds similar to something else
I’ve heard about. I wonder if we can take any lessons from protecting
the ozone layer and apply them to how we address that other global atmospheric challenge – climate
change. Like we did with CFCs last century, today
we’re emitting other gases that get into the atmosphere and screw things up And what these greenhouse gases do is trap
heat. So, in order to keep the planet from getting
too hot, we need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. What’s interesting is, just as SC Johnson
moved away from CFCs, we’re seeing some companies today–including that same company–committing
to using more renewable energy and lowering their emissions. And the major international agreement we’ve
written up to take action on climate change is modeled after the Montreal Protocol in
a lot of ways. Rich countries need to clean up quickly and
to provide money for developing countries to do their part. Of course, to get rid of CFC emissions, we
pretty much just had to replace refrigerators and air conditioners that used CFCs with ones
that didn’t. Fossil fuels, on the on the other hand, are
something we burn to power basically everything, so preventing greenhouse gas emissions will
be slightly more challenging. So, we can’t fix climate change exactly
like we patched up the ozone layer. But it is a useful recipe for how governments,
markets, and consumers worldwide can cooperate to solve a big problem. I mean, we used to think CFCs were an essential
part of life, but we banded together and figured out how to move beyond them, which gives hope
that we might be able to do the same thing with fossil fuels. I’ll leave you with this, imagine if your
grandchildren could look back on climate change someday in the same way that I can now look
at what happened to the ozone layer. Right before I was born, we were able to get
our act together and change course, avoiding a pretty terrible future. Here’s to hoping we can do that again.

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  • Alright, where are the climate change deniers?

  • How do we know that climate change isn't more directly linked to mass deforestation and dedtroying the planets natural CO2 recycling systems

  • great video, deserves a lot more views

  • Slightly more challenging… hmmm yea thats sounds right its not way worse…

  • Probably not. First, CFCs were a much, much smaller part of the economy than hydrocarbons like oil, coal and natural gas. Second, there are no alternatives to hydrocarbons that are as economical, portable and with an infrastructure in place; we are getting there, but we aren't there yet.

  • Because the holes are above the north and south pole where they should be….and those idiot scientists know that.

  • There’s a slight issue with climate change: we already passed the point of no return. Even if all efforts went to stopping it, we can only slow it down. But eventually, the world is going to get flooded. However, tropical wildlife is going to thrive while polar creatures will disappear. A major concern is that there are diseases in the ice caps that haven’t been seen for thousands of years that we would have lost all immunity to, meaning they could wipe us out. In reality, the world eventually will fix itself and nature will come back and a whole new group of animals will arise. So the United States and other countries responsible for climate change are ending this chapter on earth, but given a couple million years and all the niches that were destroyed will be filled in by new species.

  • There were some chinese factories that were shutdown because they used some chemicals harmful to the ozone layer. Like 6 months ago or something

  • Ask Al Gore, he invented the internet.

  • thanks for elaborating. i really haven't heard about it for quite some time. just as i haven't heard about nerdy being the new cute. huh.

  • Actually… there is still an ozone hole.
    Going to the southern tip of South America will give you an epic sunburn.

  • This is why you quit the walking dead Chandler Riggs? To make YouTube videos?!

  • Because it was a sham just to rake money in

  • If only we did that with Coal….

  • psh just use flex tape, it's the super strong water tight seal that prevents a whole lotta damage

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  • Same as global warming and Ebola. Not as big as they pretend it is and it solved itself. Just used as a distraction at the time like it has been done many times before. Worry more about what we were being distracted from.

  • What caused the ozone hole

    Two words tzar bomba

  • becuz it was a lie to start with and they just got bored of telling it/ the unwashed massive were smelling the bullshit

  • How could fried chicken hurt the ozone layer

  • I have it up there with people talking about doing something about climate change and ALWAYS ignoring animal agriculture, so Lego and Adobe so great for using renewable energy but all that "effort" canceled out at their meals. For regular people installing solar panels is a major feat, and all you influencer channels just let people in ignorance about animal products, how is not eating animals the hardest thing ever for humans ⁉️ is not enough you don't care about their pain, you won't give it a try even if whole mother nature boiling with fury is about to make you pay ?

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  • Don't worry get well soon&
    Explain me what is ozone layar

  • Getting rid cfc is simple, fossil fuel is not, that's an understatement for sure.

  • Anything that can help india to be nature friendly.. ????

  • Hole y Mole y! Thanks for posting this video!

  • Does she look like Gabe from the office?

  • The difference is that the heat will not heal like the ozone, if we take the right path, it could stop getting hotter, but it is not likely to heal or get cooler

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  • Why are there more thumbs down than up? That video was great ?

  • do you really think that humans fixed the ozone

  • You cant stop climate change. There will be climate change with or without people.

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  • I eat ozone for breakfast…

  • Because most of the man are more focused on some other hole in the earth rather than Ozone hole in sky. ?

  • Why not make a gas that clears through green house gas?

  • Ozone layer is prity good now, but you are very qute also ?

  • fossil fuels?… I think agriculture

  • Here's are 2 really simple questions with no good answers: 1st, why weren't there hundreds of millions of people in denial about the ozone hole back when it was getting bigger, like there are about climate change? 2nd question: How was the world, including the US, able to come to an agreement, the Montreal Protocol, and stick to it?

  • So we dealt with ozon hole quite successfully but why is global warming so difficult to deal with??? There SHOULD BE AT LEAST SOME progress there dude. Unless it's fake.

  • People you know this makes no sense at all and you still believe this. Dont be stupid or we have to pay CO2 tax in the future. Its all about money.

  • Because it was a lie

  • Is she a women. Or transgender from M to F. Because she looks like a man. But damn she's cute.

  • I blame Americans for this

  • O2 + O2 + Sun = O3… since we can still breath this means the Ozone having a hole isn't a problem as it will fix itself. It was a SCAM to get people to give away MONEY and show how the government controls our kids and can teach them what ever they want. Just like the people who proclaim that the earth is flat, people in the 60's and 70's claiming we will run out of food and water by 2000 people claiming that the earth's global warming will kill us all and people who are still in the womb aren't human… we are all just sheep 🙂 baa baa 🙂

  • This actually gave me hope.

  • Cause all.the bs news like president n other useless n none important news drawns out the real important stufff n honestly. The people tbat did act like they cared didnt. Cauae i knew a few n they heard that n didnt cut back on using anything thats personally bad for it. Like people that complain about all the trash n u see them littering n not recyling n stuff. People fakely care about stuff n the planet. I see it proven all the time n sometimes by the ones ud think care n r helping

  • we have a bigger problem than this called "FEMINISM"

  • I remember when I was in primary school in the 1980s a lot of talk about the depletion of the ozone layer, rising sea levels and global warming.

  • bullcrap

  • Because no such thing as ozone hole at geographic poles. What we actually have is atmosphere going in and out of polar openings in vortex style just like all other planets with atmosphere. Polar openings are located at 90 latitude, at geographic poles, rotation axis of earth. Read Marshall B. Gardner's book for compelling evidence of polar openings. Ozone = O + Zone. O is a symbol for polar opening. Zone means area. Read between the lines.

  • still the ozone holes need to heal much faster

  • She looks like Ernie on My Three Sons.

  • Ozone hole vs Climate change ?

  • We were HALF as many in the 70's. Game Over

  • Could we slow down global warming by increasimg the amount of Ozone in the Ozone layer? Can it coralate to the slowing of greenhouse gas temperature progression? Please explain.

  • Reading the comments it is truly shocking, I am shocked, how many people still don't believe in climate change and yet believe in wierd scientist scams and conspiracy crapcicles ….
    To all those that say the climate has been way worse before state time periods when there have been made extinctions or general earth suck fest conditions….even an ice age similar to the last would have devastating effects if it were to happen today. Or if sea levels rose to hights of when polar caps last melted it would wipe out so many low laying countries….should we not at least stop the things that we can control that are adding to the crap fest ?? Or just let loads of people die because "volcanoes spew out way more green house gasses"(which is not true, but if it were shouldn't we be trying to tackle that issue and any other contributing factors?
    Even if the science is not that well understood(It is) does that mean we should do nothing in till it's all budgeted but we finally understand why it's bugger??

  • Thanks for admitting that the climate change agenda is all about redistribution of wealth where rich countries have to pay for the rest of the world to comply. But thanks for nothing for your intellectual dishonesty to include your absolute failure to use science to conclusively prove that climate change will play out the way your fairy tale script says it will despite the science that shows that your fairy tale climate change hoax script actually abandons science.

    When someone in the climate change hypothesis community grows a pair of balls please have them contact me to participate in a prime time, nationally televised debate on the topic so I can clean your plate and wash the nonsense off of it with real science rather than merely pseudo science. I'm ready. So bring your A game.

  • China sucks. Bulldoze China

  • We're so screwed…

  • Why does the host look like Skrillex?

  • Start replacing all fossil fuel power plants with new nuclear power plants.

  • There is no Ozon hole there is only ions of oxigen and 6 months of a day light and thats it..

  • Plant more trees

  • How can a molecule 4 times heavier than oxigen float 50 km up into the stratosphere

  • When they made the milenial robots did 90% of them get the same voice .why do all the kids who beleve this crap sound the same

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  • So more than 40 years later, there's still a hole in the ozone layer and human kind have not disappeared as was predicted back in the day. #INTERESTING…..

  • Oh science.

    Religions and nations have cause division and wars throughout history. But the world can recover from a war and people can learn to respect eachother.

    But science, with It's nuclear weapons, chemicals that destroy the atmosphere and our bodies; is the only discipline that could lead to the ultimate annihilation of not only humanity, but every living thing on earth.

    I think we as a species need to trust scientists less. They have shown over and over again to put the welfare of the earth in peril. We need to vet their discoveries thoroughly before putting them into practice, and not just trust them on blind faith.


  • You are being lied to about this hoax .. I took my time to tell you for some reason .

    Your being lied to because "they" want to tax you more and more and they will.
    Well, if you work and are recorded on the "books" of course.
    PBS owned by "chosen ones" does not care about the earth and they publish this garbage to extort money to fix the Earth from working class people from all over the Globe
    It is all about money and worse .

  • LOL, using the example of one scam to justify the other scam. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Szs-treHwQ

  • Because its all bullshit

  • NPC Protocol – is this person manly or womanly?!?

  • I honestly think the Ozone layer is past the hole and it's gone or if not close to there and they won't talk about it because people would freak out and there'd be mass chaos globally. Think about it. The geoengenering, the chemitrails used to protect us from the suns rays. That's why the debate of the sun being a different colour makes more sense for our atmosphere failing over time than it actually changing. I personally think we're past the point of fixing climate change but more slow it down again maybe. Time to find a new planet for the sake of tomorrows children.
    Also must add how in fact fixing the hole in the ozone layer might actually make things much, much worst. The reason for this is due to the damage done already and how we've adapted as a society and ecosystem overall. The hole being closed is a long shot, but my point is that it could cause an even more deadly warming problem where the changes in the Earth already will increase, due to even more heat getting in and not enough rebounding back out and with a fixed ozone. Imagine how we'd be. You leave an oven on for too long and then re shut the door and what happens too the food? The atmospehres not something we can just mess with and fix it when we feel we've made a mistake. It is a very complicated structure with thousands of jobs. And with the loss of polar ice in the north and south poles and worstening the repairing of the ozone layer again could lead to the lack of the suns rays being deflected back out again and getting trapped even more due to a fixed ozone layer. This is one of those situations where it's a catch 22 and we might be stuck in a position out of our hands.

  • CFC is way too heavy, which makes it impossible for CFC to float up into the ozone layer.

  • Warning. .. THIS IS A SHILL VIDEO


  • We need more trees to produce oxygen to help protect our ozone and environment

  • https://nationalpost.com/news/world/scientists-discover-china-has-been-secretly-emitting-banned-ozone-depleting-gas

  • Yeah, the oil companies learned from Montreal . .. .

  • I remember hearing about it as a kid, I was afraid.

    But now I'm cripplingly scared about Climate Change, there are nights when I simply can't sleep thinking about it, now that we only have twelve years left and the clock is ticking…

    But this gave me hope, and history sometimes repeats itself, and the Paris Agreement is just like the Montreal Protocol. As Antonio Guterres says, this is "a race we can win, a race we MUST win"

  • great video

  • Just pushing the algorythem

  • It’s hard to believe that human use of CFC’s could actually have an effect on the ozone layer.

    I mean, some entire countries and a continent don’t even have access to products that give off CFC

  • Why doesn’t she talk about what creates ozone……UV……….uhhhhhh ……I dont think we can hurt the ozone layer. Mount Pinatubo creates 10,000 more ozone depleting chemicals than man can create. This is a scam.

  • It's all bs scare tactics. Things only have gotten worse but they fixed the ozone lol now they spray the sky everyday everywhere. It's all lies

  • boring vedio

  • Isn't it just natural that we have ozone holes at the poles because there's less sunlight there? Ozone forms when UV rays hit. Have a look at NASA's latest video on the Ozone layer and see that while 2017 was the smallest hole we've had for years, the 2018 hole is much bigger. Natural cyclic phenomena? https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/features/videos/the-ozone-hole

  • Use common sense. Carbon is heavier than oxygen. It will never go up. If it did, we could watch balloons go up using our carbon. My point is science proves carbon has nothing to do with the climate change, nothing to do with global warming because it doesn't go up into our ozone. It can't because it is too heavy. Think about it. Earth's gravitational force holds the heaviest objects to its surface. Carbon is too heavy to escape to gravitational force.

  • This is all bullshit just as climate change is.

  • Ok so all we did was rewind to a time before CFC. We knew we could eliminate them because we had gone without prior to it's use… industrialized country's have never gone without fossil fuels. If you eliminate fossil fuels you eliminate the entire system that depends on a high density energy source. That means we go back to the late 1800s. Ironically it also means we have to start cutting down trees for heat in the winter, using more land for farming and irrigation, and raising more large animals for transportation. No fossil fuels means, no plastics, no electricity, and no industrial manufacturing of any kind.

  • Ye I know right out teacher said

  • Wasn't climate change previously called global warming? Why the sudden change? I am starting to find this incredibly misleading and disingenuous. Also are these jack asses unaware of the Kardashev scale? Because if not they are actually advocating for the rapid regression of technological development in favor of some sort of eco-communism where only the liberal elite get to enjoy first word amenities/commodities (i.e. carbon and even "ecological footprint" taxes).

  • I would just like to point out – as someone from Australia – the ozone layer is definitely not fixed. Yes the damage may be reduced, but if you were to come here in summer and try to step outside for 5 minutes and forget to put on 50+ sunscreen, you can still literally feel your skin burning. Hell if you're fair skinned you'll still get burnt in winter through the clouds. While for most of the world the ozone may be 'fixed', here in the land down under our reality is pretty close to what you described at the start of the video.

  • Ozone has nothing to do with absorbing UV-C or UV-B. It is a product of oxygen absorbing UV-C. Its spectrum doesn't have absorption for UV-C. This is pseudoscience that has been debunked so many times. As of UV-A, it plays a tiny amount which is basically non existent. The ozone is at ppm levels and if it were a layer it would be 3 mm thick. Try shining UV through a layer of ozone gas that thin. Less than a thousandth of photons is absorbed.

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