Why I am an Environmental Science Professor- Dr. John Graveel Purdue Agronomy

Hello, my name is John Graveel and I am a faculty member in the Agronomy Department My appointment here in agronomy is primarily teaching in addition to that I serve as the director of the Natural Resources and Environmental Science Program And this is why I teach Music What really makes you proud about being a teacher is when students come back and say, “John or Dr. Graveel, I really appreciate what you did for me.” and I think that is the most important thing so I see things as a professor starting off with the traditional fashion you stand up, you give a lecture, students leave very little interaction over the years I’ve really engaged the students a lot so classroom configuration is changing as well as the way professors teach we are going to see a lot more discussion a lot more problem solving a lot more active learning in the classroom people are realizing the importance of the soils research center in terms of the interactions that we have and the problems that we pose and the experiments and the demonstrations and so forth Things have to change and they have to change because students are changing so supplying as many and as different avenues to learn a particular topic as we do in Introductory Soil Science is very important We have the lecture we have the hands on interaction with them and we have this great discussion on Friday about the weeks work Music The favorite part of my day is actually interacting with the students It’s just a lot of fun and I like it and that’s what I’m good at Music

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