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  • Very interesting and well presented. Thanks for sharing

  • centrifugal force doesn't exist

  • Anjular momentum?

  • No the earth is a egg ok?!?!

  • Does this guy ever make videos rebuffing these older outdated scientific theories he was taught? Learning from your mistakes is part of the intelligent design of evolution.

  • the dislikes on this video are flat earthers

  • Earth is FLAT and Space if FAKE! Heliocentrism is a Fraud and you are all liars!

  • Discombobulated science of chemical spillage causes fuckstains of space time

  • I wonder what formula would substitute Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation (2:25) in order for the round objects (earrh, planets, stars) to be shaped like toruses (donuts). It looks like all that's needed for flattening them into disks is change of some coefficients, i.e. numbers. But what would the formula be for a hole to appear in the middle by itself?

    I know, totally useless. But interesting.

  • I love the way that this dude says the word "tower". Australian dudes in America must get so much puss.

  • The Earth is flat though?

  • Very small galaxies have less flat more spherical shapes and other large star groups like local groups in ours. In time they will too flatten out perhaps but they are mostly the result of complex interactions between bodies of stars clusters that combine and in some cases low density groups with more radiative pressure than orbital pull. We only see their transient shape. Someday the Milky way and Andromeda will collide and be somewhat spherical super elliptical galaxy but given the time it too will flatten as well. Then again I am just an ex Army internet skeptic, not a astrophysicist to take with a mountain sized grain of salt.

  • Our speck of universe was in an infinite volume of what???

  • One more thought on the big bang & expansion…. if the Big Bang occurred "everywhere" then how is "expansion" possible. You can't expand everywhere b/c its already everywhere. There is nowhere left to expand to.

  • Video says Earth is spherical

    Flat Earthers U fUKIng IdOit iTs fLAt dO Ur rEasErCH

  • ok kindergarteners gather around

  • are his tshirts custom fitted

  • Genesis 1:1 …and GOD said let there be light aka energy formed from existence everywhere at the same time… GOD is the rule of existence that no manner of a scientific man can describe.

  • 0:05
    Flat earthers: TRIGGERED

  • I notice a difference at 10:14 and 10:16.

  • Well, not anymore. The milky way galaxy has been proven to be not a flat disc. It's one end is going down the other up. Look it up, Polish astronomers discovered it.

  • Its not flat…..

  • "science is now a verb because I verbed it"
    – PBS Space Time

  • I got the new FE app on my phone (and was really impressed cause I just like gadgets – Lol) and my main curiosity of the extra features that came with the apps description was that I would receive 1 link each day to a post that yt would not really recommend to an FE viewer.
    I was disappointed this link came from that app – excluding that the app still gets 8.5 out of 10 especially when you see the thought and effort a fellow FE has invested in it for only £279 p/m
    (just kidding – Lol) it's only 1 payment of £2.79 … plus 1 camel + 1 cow + 2 pigs + your 1st born
    – Sorry, I can't help being a hevy arse hole sometimes… I guess it's down to the "gravity" in me !
    FE App Review :

  • "Our map shows the Milky Way disk is not flat. It is warped and twisted," said study co-author Przemek Mroz, a graduate student at the University of Warsaw… Your totally off my dear pbs space time guy

  • "My are space things the shape they are?"

  • E= Fg – 3AM :Every time someone asks a bull sheet question and they give bull sheet answers

  • I love that you use STNG sounds effects.

  • No, religion only exists because science doesn’t answer things fast enough….and to hinder scientific progress… and to justify needless wars and prejudice…and a means to control populations of people that don’t have common sense morality… and to comfort those who fear dying.

    I mean, humans have had the excuse of god’s for no less than 30k years and there isn’t a shred of proof or logical reasoning to one of the many many gods humanity has test drove. All modern religion is but the knot-picked recycling of old religions. There’s not a single truly original idea to any of the top 5 major religions. It’s always easier to just say,
    “…a wizard did it.”

  • He actually shaved his face in almost the exact middle of the video. gg 7:25:

  • Poof just like that this video is outdated with warped milky way galaxy

  • Fuck flat earth the new thing is the sphere milky way

  • 2x speed is the only way to do this video

  • The Earth is round because pressure and the solar system and galaxy are flat because centrifugal force

  • Are there any disc shaped stars, planets or moons due to high rpms?

  • The stupidest question I've ever heard. Here it borders on insanity ….

  • Is dark matter then governed by pressure. Is it not spherical halo.

  • The Earth is flat. The Earth is a sphere. Both camps are right. Actually the Earth is a sphere that is slightly flat.

  • trippy to watch bearded Matt replace unbearded Matt throughout this video

  • #earthisNOTflat

  • I’m unsubscribing because the earth being flat is common knowledge

  • Reminds me of something: Once i stumbled into some sort of flat earther forums, and i discovered that my favorite entertainment is watching flat earthers trying to explain moon phases.

  • The milky way is flat because other girls are flat too. Like the boobs, milky way did get 'kumots' and 'tilaps' that enhance the growth with growee and brabagol. As for the earth to be round, it is like the mans ball. or eggs such as th buto. The itlog is round with then circumference of x squared raise to the power of pineapple pie. To sum up the earth is just circle and rounded like an oval shape.That s all thank you!. subscribe to my comment. Hit my face not the like.

  • Not advocating one way or another here, but those that dismiss religion out of hand, is in essence dismissing science. The lack of evidence is not proof of none existence. We are able to observe but a fraction of our universe we exist in, and don't even understand half of that which we CAN observe. Including one of our fundamental laws, gravity. So stop being ignorant and dismissing things, purely because of your inability to perceive it.

  • He should get an exorcism before his logic sends him to hell, FOREVER! AHAHAHAHA!

  • Mans hit us with that minecraft reference ?

  • This is the true modern 'Cosmos'.

  • Dude . . this is fucking wild . .

  • Wait, why is verb a verb? Mind blown!

  • yo hold the FUCK up how is that bridge long enough to experience a noticeable effect from the curvature of the earth??

  • tbh you can see where this video is going my minute 5

  • flat milky way society

  • 8Pi ionisierung by Radiator ? its log ?

  • This question is stupid, Earth is a planet and take the shape of a sphere, the Milky way is a galaxy and you can kind of say it is spherical being make up of spheres but it isn't a planet is is a galaxy, maybe I am missing a joke but I just though this question does not need to be explained so deeply

  • This video explains nothing well and parts aren't even true
    3:30 There's no such thing as a centrifugal force

  • Dude, gravity is wrong!
    Torus magnetic field in its place

  • Physics explains matter; Philosophy explains Physics. (0 + -> = ∞).

  • Well technically the earth is not round that's just the simple version of the answer.a better description is earth is spherical in nature, contoured and a little eggshaped.lets not even get into explaining it any more complex than that

  • but th earf iz flat u moran

  • Simply because a neutrino dark matter particle that turns to a black hole is precisely magnetic ? poles with 50% dark Matter and 50% antimatter and zero space in between. And that is the galaxy in a grand scale with space squeezed outer.

  • Macro and micro

  • And therefore, on a huger scale, is the shape of the Universe a ball or a lens?

  • Dudes,seriously,listen to some of your other tapes. The Big Bang started from a singularity,is frequently uttered. And if it started in an infinite place,why the need for inflation. You people have my head spinning ‘round,right round,baby. ‘Tis most confusing,inspiring subject on offer,now.

  • The same reason my glass of waters flat but a small droplet of it is round

  • Are there any spherical solar systems? Why are they always a plane?

  • What an incredible video: informative, engaging and inspiring. I love this channel!

  • The earth is a cube I saw for my self when I was beamed up to a space ship by little green men build a bridge and get over it

  • This might sound silly, but if the galaxy is a flat disk, then what happens if you go up? ?

  • The whole entire universe is round

  • Milky way is a cube?

  • Short version at 10:00

  • The milky way isn't flat, and the Earth isn't round. The milky way is a disk shaped formation, and the Earth is a rough sphere.

  • Why is the Earth Round and the Milky Way Flat? Because Blueberry Pancakes..

  • The universe is expanding into something……the future….literally. Time is an extra dimension at right angles to our three spatial ones….but it is not different…its just the direction you take to achieve incremental change in the lower dims. We do not see this 4th dimension as physical….but it still has slices or frames along its path we measure not in inches, but plank time frames of 1e43 seconds. Hint….see a space as the surface of an expanding balloon…and time as the radius from the centre. The universe expands outward into time…the radius ‘lengthens’, and space gets bigger! What is the internal volume of the balloon then? It is all of space which has existed at each infinitesimal plank time interval….and this is in 4D…the true ‘size’ of the universe. Extra….the growth of the balloon is so fast…a beam of light travelling along its surface (space in 3D remember) cannot circumnavigate the balloon, or in fact reach us from any distance point….where are we? We are just a non special point anywhere you like on the surface and everything around us appears to be rushing away. The model is only a model….but it works.

  • 871 flat earthers triggered

  • Always assume that you are some degree wrong, and your goal is to become less wrong. -Elon Musk

  • Okay. You have convinced me.

  • I can't stand these flat-galaxiers. You guys need to open your eyes!

  • Lol Because I verbed it. Lol nicely done.

  • Probably old news, but @ 8.06 there's an error: 0.3 m/s2 is NOT ".03%" of 9.8 m/s2; it's about 3%. The centripital acceleration at the equator is about 0.03 m/s2, not 0.3 m/s2. Further, 3% of the Earth's diameter is about 200km, which doesn't equate to the 20km bulge.
    Also, the (rather clever) "verbed" pun is predates this video by at least 30 years: The epigram "In English every word can be verbed." is attributed to computer science professor Alan J. Perlis at Yale, at least as early as September 1980 and probably coined by him much earlier.

  • Wait a sec. There’s a problem. If the universe expanded faster than the speed of light and its accelerating then we should only observe things that did not get overtaken by the expansion. This implies that we cannot know the age of the observable universe because that information is lost beyond the horizon. The CMB is then such a light source and may not represent what we think it does related to the Big Bang. We should observe distant parts of the universe disappearing in our telescopes in all directions if expansion is/was happening. James Webb?

  • A sphere is a fat disc.

  • Could cosmic background radiation keep us linked beyond the Universes horizon?

    And will it eventually douse our region of space with all of it?

  • 6:06
    Thought angular acceleration is proportional to external torque

  • Very nice video. Thank you.

  • Cloryphyl more like borophyl

  • RUBBISH !! Let us return to the 'Apollo' 'missions'. Whatever electrical supply, for instance, was responsible for the transmission of radio conversations from the Moon across hundreds of thousands of miles to be received on Earth, and received, I might add, with a delay of only 2 to 3 SECONDS separating the incoming from the outgoing transmissions ?? HOW WERE THE APOLLO "astronauts" ABLE TO ACCOMPLISH those feats of electrical prowess considering the tremendous weight of power supplies of those times ? ? ? This is a great example of Fantasy World engineering (or should I say," Disney World engineering" ??).

  • Who makes up this crap, anyway??

  • Flatearther: What's gravity?
    You: Punch him square in the forehead, step aside.
    Flatearther: Falls down.

  • 'The earth is clearly a sphere'
    Flat earthers: am I a joke to you
    Me: yes, you are a joke.

  • Very good video!

  • It's not flat. It bulges in the middle what are you trying to foist on curious minds

  • Actually, 0.3 m/s^2 is about 3 % of 9.81 m/s^2, not 0.3%. 8:00

  • The earth is flat. Look it up.

  • Anyone thinking we are spinning is a retard

  • Sorry but its pressure mediation. You didnt mention the micro, only the macro. Its pressure mediation. PERIOD. Its quite amazing mainstream science wrote this bit and 90% of what they deduced is inaccurate.

  • Earth is flat – Deal with it snowflakes!!

  • Epic Rap Battle:

  • I thought reality had a curvature? didn't they discover evidence of that last year? I definitely could be wrong.

  • These days NOTHING gets "scienced".In todays cosmology,due to the belief in the ludicrous "THEORIES" by physics,the scientific approach or scientific method is NEVER and cant b used to test all this nonsense.Physics is in a crisis due to the amount of untestable,unprovable claims made by todays theoretical physicists.Its time to go back to our scientific roots where instead of inventing "stuff" like "dark matter" to keep a theory alive,we should discard the theory and come up with a new,testable,provable one,just as we used to do.

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