Why study Geography and Environmental Science at Exeter’s Penryn Campus?

So I chose Geography at Exeter University
because I wasn’t sure whether I was more human or more physical and it’s given me
three years to decide basically and it meant I could do everything I wanted to do. I love living in Penryn and Falmouth. Cornwall is great for all the beaches that we have, we have quite a little pubs, we have all these things that we can do with our friends still, it’s very outdoor lifestyle and we’re all here for that so it just works perfectly. So the lecturers are really keen to
share their knowledge with you, their research they really go into depth on
what they’ve done and it’s just so much more interesting because they’re so
passionate about what they’re doing, so from a learning perspective it’s
just so much more enjoyable. What really attracted me about teaching
Geography at Penryn was the class sizes – I get to have this great
relationship with my students, we can create a collaborative atmosphere in the
classroom, and we also have Cornwall as a natural laboratory so we can go out
there and investigate all the things we’re learning about. It’s also a site of world-class research and I really enjoy bringing my research into my
teaching, as well as having the opportunity to stay at the current
leading edge of my own research interests. So at the end of my first year
I went to the Isles of Scilly. It’s off the coast of Cornwall and they face a
lot of challenges that you wouldn’t really think of in the UK. Because it’s
quite isolated there’s a lot of issues that come with that: being resources, social aspects and it was really interesting to learn the sort of challenges they face and how they overcome that. Exeter because I mean the
lecturers are just fantastic, they’re so approachable; the modules are so broad but you can chop and change them to whatever suits you and the environment
you’re studying in, you just can’t beat it.

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