Why UCI? Lynze Cheung: First choice – UC Irvine

UCI’s campus is a great environment
I love just hanging out in the park and it just kind of takes you away
from the stress of school it’s almost like two campuses in one
you have all your buildings and your classrooms but then you have like
a home away from home you get to sit with nature and just relax in the sun I got involved in environmental engineering because I kind of have this passion for
helping people and the environment and solving a lot of our upcoming problems I was involved in the
UCI Water-PIRE program and this is a program where you spend time in America and in Australia researching
constructive wetlands and their removal of pathogens and pollutants in the waters and it was a great experience,
because it was not only educational but it was very practical You did a lot of lab work and you did sampling of the actual environment and it really kind of solidified
what I wanted to do I realized water quality is really interesting and it was really helpful in guiding
me into where I needed to go Before I came to UCI,
I had no idea what I wanted to do I didn’t even know if the major was the right thing and the classes that I took and
the people that I’ve encountered and all the friends I’ve made It’s made it a whole nother experience I don’t know if I would have
gotten that on any other campus

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