World Environment Day 2019 – UN Chief’s message

World Environment Day highlights how much we all rely on nature and on our planet’s health. The quality of the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe — all depend on protecting the natural world. But the environment is facing unprecedented perils, caused by human activity. One million species are at risk of extinction. Oceans are under stress. Air pollution is claiming seven million lives every year and damaging children’s development. Many air pollutants also cause global warming. And climate change is an existential threat. In my recent visit to the South Pacific I
saw first-hand the severe and worsening impacts of the global climate emergency. There is no time to lose. This is the battle of our lives. We must win. And we can. Solutions exist. Tax pollution, not people. Stop subsidizing fossil fuels. Stop building new coal plants. People everywhere are demanding action. On World Environment Day, let us heed their call. Thank You.

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  • Very good sir

  • When will you narcissistic morons stop the chemtrails?

    Why would we fund anymore of your pathological attacks on our sovereignty, health, environment and freedom?

    Tribunals are coming guys and your gaslighting won't save you this time. Crimes against humanity!! Treason!!!

  • "Global Climate Emergency"

    There is no globe..and no climate emergency.

    There is, however 2 grand hoaxes being deployed.


  • Save Our Planet.

  • Thank you UN, Love you Guterres, missing you in Portugal <3

  • (Climate poo* 2π + climate moo √x) = climate change

    X is the rate of hydrogenated cosmic pulse.

    Presented to you by the best mind of climate science .?

  • Climate change is the biggest hoax in history !

  • Though I support the end of polluted water and bad air but global warming is a lie spread by globalists who want to gain power through the fear of our earth dying. In 12 years, and 5 million years our earth will not show signs of your global warming because it is false!

  • Reduire l'accumulation des richesses et l'appropriation des biens et services et faire consumation responsable pas des réductions des population pour préserver la planète faire concience et sensibiliser promouvoir l'éducation à la citoyenneté des utilisations des resourses Naturales et énergétiques et biodiversité pour préserver la vie en notre planète je pensé respetuosamente

  • On the same day is my birthday

  • Protect Environment for future

  • let's make this earth,"The Earth of Dream,The Earth of Green

  • For world leaders, global political tussle is more important agenda than the climate change. We saw in the last few years, what I said earlier. USA, China, Russia, EU, etc. see climate change agenda and global warming as a means to set the stage for their global hegemony. Global warming is existential threat but to deal with it, is a lie. Noone will ever be able to conquer global warming. Since you created it, you will have it. Always.

  • We should have women as president or leader for all world organization, as Man only discuss the issue on summit and meeting, WHILE women know the ACTION . She care for baby for 9 mother during her pregnancy and delivered after suffering the labor pain. She care and geed her/him till a baby become young. So Women care for environment much better than the Men. ?????

  • Thankyou sir, there is need to take immediate actions by top leaders of the world and also by individual peoples this is the way to save our future generations from polluted environment


  • Time is getting late…. “A commitment to spiritual principles can foster attitudes, approaches, and aspirations which can facilitate the discovery and implementation of long-lasting measures to help preserve our environment." ~ Baha'i International Community, Baha'i Faith

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