World’s first geostationary air pollution monitoring satellite unveiled by S. Korea

Korea has unveiled its newest satellite
the tündi on to be ahead of its launch in February 2020 it will monitor the
atmosphere and the ocean around the peninsula to help minimize damage from
pollutants conn-young wu explains further this is South Korea’s newest satellite
the Tholian to be the world’s first geostationary satellite that can monitor
the atmospheric environment after seven years of development the satellite was
finally unveiled at the Korea aerospace research institute on Thursday the major
mission of the trillion to B is to monitor the atmosphere and the ocean
environment it will observe the path of fine dust from the Korean Peninsula and
its neighboring countries while collecting data on more than 20 kinds of
air pollutants by providing satellite data in real-time we can monitor air
pollutants entering our country especially fine dust therefore we expect
the accuracy of the forecast for fine dust to be increased quite a bit the
attorney on to B can also monitor the asean environment with a resolution four
times greater than the Tholian one which was launched in 2010 the satellite will
help minimise damage from red or green tides by tracking ocean movements in
real-time what’s even more remarkable about that early on to be is that the
entire process designing assembling and testing was done using Korean technology
the most important parts in a satellite are computers and software and all these
components have been localized but early on to be will be moved to the Guiana
Space Center in early January and the launch is expected to take place around
mid-february conn-young Arirang news

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